Our Culture

We Focus
On Growth

— At QSRP, we focus on growth. We generate ca. EUR 1B in systemwide sales within the quick service restaurant sector and are ideally positioned for further organic and inorganic growth. We invest in complementary brands and markets, with an interesting potential. After each acquisition’s structural and functional optimization, we look further, exploring markets in which we are already present, in search for the expansion potential of our portfolio brands. And of course, we will never pass on new opportunities which come into our view.

5 Key Values

The QSRP approach focuses on 5 key values. They guide our company, partners and investors on our way forward. And on our path, we seize the moment and create every possible chance, by being:

Curious Curious


— Curiosity kills cats. Luckily, they have nine lives. We’re a bit like cats: always restless to discover each and every opportunity to improve what we do.

Human Human


— Being mindful is at the core of our business. QSRP is all about being open to diversity and different solutions, actively listening and adapting to cultures, situations, styles, needs. Spreading this vision across countries in which we work builds trust and loyalty.


— We have more than one passion. Because once you adore the restaurant industry, delighting consumers with great food experiences becomes second nature. And of course, we just love the people we work with. And doesn’t everyone love a good story?


— You love working together? So do we. Being collaborative is standard at QSRP. As is being entrepreneurial. But we’re not afraid to make mistakes and to learn from them. That’s our way forward, from inspiration to implementation.


— Being creative is good but it definitely requires an open mind. That’s why we’re always ready to be surprised. As surprises lead us to exciting ideas, good ideas have a very powerful impact on what we do.