QSRP Brands

Let’s introduce our QSRP brands! They are all well-recognized and have very complementary profiles in terms of product, customer profiles and regional scope.


Our international “Burger King” (BK) and local Belgian champion “Quick” hamburger chains are true leaders. They are present in Belgium, Luxemburg and Italy (BK). We offer a delicious assortment of burgers, French fries and other fast food products to our customers who are mainly between 35 and 45 years old.


NORDSEE is the number one seafood chain in Europe, with restaurants predominantly in Germany and Austria. All served meals and snacks are seafood related. 37% of our clients age from 50 to 69.

Go! Fish is NORDSEE ’s rebellious younger sister and introduces an avant-garde yet nostalgic seaside feeling to a new generation of customers. Having inherited over 100 years of seafood knowledge, we offer fresh and fast options in a new, surprising and fun way.


Logo Tacos

O’Tacos is a digitally-focused fast-growing French tacos chain, which is mainly active in France and the Benelux. We serve customizable French tacos and fries to a significantly young customer group: 44% of our clients are aged between 12 and 24.


The latest member of our family is the new CHICK&CHEEZ restaurant chain. Initially launched in Belgium, our endlessly customizable fresh & tender crispy chicken dishes are served to clients quickly in an interactive, modern gaming environment.

QSRP Footprint

— Our brands cover major markets in Western Europe. As you can see on the map, not every brand is present in each market. This gives us the possibility of expanding brands into markets in which we are already active.